Travel & Tourism Consulting

Our goal

We help you bring your vision to life with a clear roadmap to propel you into the future.

Many organisations, business leaders and entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time developing their vision, but having a vision is not enough.

At Amplify Me we work with you to understand what you want to say, who you want to tell and what you want your audience to do with the information.

Related services

We offer a range of travel and tourism consulting services to help you take necessary action.

Building Regional Dispersal

We have a strong vision for the future of regional tourism; at a top-line, it is to see its evolution into an industry that is underpinned by an educated professional workforce with careers, not vocations, supported by innovation, capacity building and collaboration, resulting in exceptional world class experiences that encourage greater dispersal of domestic and international visitors while balancing sustainability for the local environment and community.

Strategy Development

One of the biggest challenges visionary thinkers face is turning their forward-thinking, innovative ideas, into an action plan that can be implemented by all stakeholders.

Amplify Me will help bring key stakeholders to an agreement that will transform your intention into action. 

Tourism Communications

Many business owners are aware of the need to create clear  communications – yet often don’t know what to say, how to say it or where to begin when developing a strategy.

We help you amplify your business with a corporate communications strategy and key messages.

Case Study

We held a long term consulting role with a regional tourism organisation (RTO) tasked with doubling overnight visitation by 2020.

The Brief

As an RTO we grappled with the complexity of multiple stakeholders working together to address:

1) Domestic tourists preferring overseas travel

2) International Tourists are not aware of the experiences regional areas offer

The Solution

Ensuring regions and stakeholders understand the importance of collaboration.

Working directly with the CEO and a small team of consultants a co-ordinated strategy was implemented to build collaboration and co-operation across marketing, PR, events, corporate communication and sponsorship.

The Outcomes

Rated most effective regional tourism organisation in NSW

1) Increase in visitation across a number regions

2) 35 local government areas were brought into structured management groups

3) Collaborative partnership delivery of an online travel platform dedicated to regional destinations

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