Chinese Tourism To Australia Is On The Rise - Find Out Why?

By Stacey Martin - Eagle Waves Radio | blog, Press, Podcasts | 11 May 2018 |

Andrea Plawutsky, Director of Australia China Tourism Connections explains to Stacey why working with those that have deep knowledge of the market and understanding your sector, can be a big benefit.

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Andrea’s passion for travel and tourism

  • Conducting business in Asia

  • Deals are made over dinner table in China not the boardroom!

  • Is researching China enough to do business or do you need to experience China in person?

  • Stats on Chinese tourism in Australia – is it on the up?

  • Exploring outside the scheduled itinerary when travelling and where they go

  • Camping vs resort - numbers are increasing, find out which one

  • Andrea’s business mission – learn where the Australian business delegates will visit

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