Inbound Chinese Tourism


Our goal

We help you understand the cultural complexities of China in order to delight and inspire.

China is a complex country culturally with significant regional, economic, demographic and linguistic diversity. 

We cannot treat China as one homogenous market. At Amplify Me, our training programs delve into these cultural complexities to help you and your team provide the most appropriate products and services and optimise the travel experience for Chinese Tourists.

Related services

We provide specialist services in Chinese tourism to deepen connections with Chinese travellers 

Training and Mentoring

We provide group and individual training programs to leverage opportunities and develop implementation plans to improve engagement with China.

We educate clients on a range of issues including people, product, platforms, process and best practice with virtual and face-to-face training.

Feasibility Studies

Our Scoping and Feasibility studies include a customised selection of components to ensure we meet your objectives, such as an overview of relevant industry trends specific to your sector, an assessment of your market-preparedness and insights gained from market listening.

International Delegations

Engagement with the Chinese market cannot be conducted solely while being based in Australia. We believe in-country experience (which breeds greater cultural understanding) is vital if you are to succeed in delighting your Chinese visitors.

We offer public and bespoke tours to China, and representation at trade and consumer shows across the country.

Case Study

A regional Queensland destination needed to upskill key local businesses to meaningfully connect with Asian and Chinese travellers.

The Brief

How do we assess and address education gap in order to:

1) Upskill multiple operators of varying knowledge and requirements

2) Mentor and guide individuals with different business challenges and learning needs

The Solution

Participating operators were guided in assessing opportunities and developing implementation plans for activities to improve their engagement with China.

Using our proprietary training approach

An online assessment and introductory workshop set the stage to provide mentoring sessions with each participant, covering product tailoring, culture, marketing, payment platforms, booking, distribution channels,  reputation management, and address specific business issues.

Face-to-face site visits to develop an implementation plan were conducted with each of the organisations.

The Outcomes

Participants gained deeper understanding and confidence in the roadmap that they needed to implement.

They reviewed the relevance of China-specific tools and resources for their businesses, including WeChat, Weibo, Alipay and WeChat Pay, and key marketing techniques.

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