Source: That Bad Review, Adrian Easedown

Andrea Plawutsky on becoming China ready, 8 tips for tapping into a new market & selling benefits not features

Andrea and Adrian have a great chat about the growth of the inbound Chinese visitor market and the opportunities this expansion presents. 
Andrea shares eight insightful tips for tapping into the Chinese market and sheds light on why Australian business owners need to focus more on selling the benefits of a product, not just listing the features.

In this episode, Andrea and Adrian also discuss:

  • Andrea’s exciting and extensive career in the Tourism Industry

  • What sparked Andrea’s love for China

  • Changes in China over the last few decades

  • How the lack of legacy systems allows for innovation and change

  • How target markets in China differ to those in Australia

  • Small changes business owners can make to enhance the Chinese visitors experience

  • Why the number 8 is considered lucky in China

  • Mobile payments and social media in China

  • Essential review platforms to monitor if hosting Chinese guests

  • The importance of shareable moments

  • Managing guest expectations

  • Using appropriate language translation tools

  • The advertising power of reviews

  • Why partnerships are essential to business growth

  • The need to prioritise travel over everything else

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